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AWW Testing

The idea of creating this service of CITEEC arises from the growing concern of private and public agents for quality in buildings.

Taking advantage of our experience in the field of research, we have launched the AWW Test Laboratory, whose independence and objectivity are endorsed by the Universidade da Coruña.

The new Test Bench, manufactured to comply with the requirements of the European Standards, and our specialized personnel guarantee rigorous results. The automation of the tests for weather resistance in terms of air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance provides a high degree of precision to ensure it meets British and European test standards.

It is equipped with a computerized data acquisition system, which achieves greater accuracy and speed in the final report.

The laminated glass on which the samples are installed allows to observe the operation of the drains during the test.


Suitable system for carrying out the tests specified in the following standards:

  • UNE-EN 1026: 2000 Windows and doors. Air permeability. Testing method.
  • UNE-EN 1027: 2000 Windows and doors. Watertightness. Testing method.
  • UNE-EN 12211: 2000 Windows and doors. Resistance to wind load. Testing method.
  • UNE-EN 12207: 2000 Windows and doors. Air permeability. Classification.
  • UNE-EN 12208: 2000 Windows and doors. Watertightness. Classification.
  • UNE-EN 12210: 2000 Windows and doors. Wind resistance. Classification.
  • UNE 85-205-78 Methods of testing windows. Presentation of the test report.
  • UNE 85-225-85 Windows. Test methodology. Chronological order and criteria.

A-W-W Test Bench

  • Manufactured and installed according to the requirements of UNE Standard 85-221-84: Windows. Test benches for windows and balconies.
  • Programmed to automatically perform the different cycles described in the standards.
  • Equipped with automatic acquisition and data processing.
  • Calibrated and certified by ATI Sistemas. Calibration certificates of measurement equipment available to customers.
  • Maximum dimensions - Width: 290 cm Height: 225 cm Area: 6,5 m2

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