What we offer?

  • Advanced research in several enviromental matrices (water, air, soil, etc): development of analytical methodologies for the analysis of emerging organic and inorganic compounds of priority interest: VOC, PAH, pesticides, heavy metals, carbonyl compounds, anions, cations, endocrine disruptors, drugs, TBT, etc.

  • The laboratory is accredited by ENAC, reference number 1051/LE1939, to take samples and determine PM10 according to the european standard EN 12341. If you want to request this assay, please contact us.

  • We carry out sampling campaings of: SO2, NOx, PM10, PM2.5, PM1, nanoparticles, BTEX, VOC, O3 and others of interest due to their toxicity and possible need for future control.

  • We analyse the above data with other available information such as emission inventories, meteorological variables, etc. 


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