The Institute of Enviroment has experience, highly qualified personnel and the following scientific instrumentation:

  • High level instrumentation
  • Laboratory with controlled temperature and humidity room. Since 12/07/2013 accredited by ENAC, reference 1051/LE1939, to take samples and determine PM10 according to European standard EN 12341.
  • Sample preparation systems for analyzing organic and inorganic compounds.
  • Air quality measurement station composed of two cabins:

 Estacion IUMA

1. With automatic analysers: NOx, SO2, O3, BTEX, PM10, PM2,5 and PM1, CO; meteorological station; gravimetric samplers for collection of different fractions of atmospheric particulate matter.

2. Analyser of ozone precursor volatile organic compounds (VOC), unique in Galicia.

  • Mobile station: automatic analysers, gravimetric sampler, meteorological station, GPS, data adquisition via GSM.

Unidad movil IUMA

  • PALMA software application: Program of automatization of enviromental laboratories, developed jointly with Laboratorio de Ingeniería del Software from UDC (G000275). It is a web application developed multidisciplinary to give support to the tasks of a network of air quality control. It is a system that allows the acquisition of telematic  ("on-line") and "off-line" data of distributed inmission stations, belonging to non homogeneous networks, but also heterogeneous, and provides graphical respresentations and table format exportable for integrated analysis and centralized data acquired. Also, it considers daily work that is associated with this type of control networks: validation of acquired data, alerts with regard to periodic tasks (eg. verification of automatic analysers), download files with environmental information (NAAPS images), etc. The implementation of PALMA supposes qualitative and quantitative benefits in the work of environmental technicians as it can be seen in the following paper: Andrade J, Ares J, García R, Presa J, Rodríguez S, Piñeiro-Iglesias M, López-Mahía P, Muniategui S, Prada D: Development of a web-based support system for both homogeneous and heterogeneous air quality control networks: process and product. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Springer, 133, 139-148.
  • Electrostatic classifier of nanometric aerosols. To achieve a homogenous charge distribution, we need to charge the aerosol with Kr-85, which is radioactive. Therefore, a laboratory area has restricted access, because it is considered as Radioactive Installation. We are authorised by the Goverment of Galicia, IRA 2836, after de favorable report of the Consejo de Seguridade Nuclear.


  • CRACOBA sofware application: Chemical Risk Assessment by Control Bandings developed jointly with the Laboratorio de Ingenería del Software from UDC (G000275).  This application is in operation in CHUAC (Sergas) since september 2011, Intellectual property reference: 03/2011/1544. It was developed with the purpose of facilitating of working of technicians with respecto management and evaluation of chemical risk of workers. This web application allows to calculate the risk level and to assign preventive measures necessary to establish a safe scenario for workers which handle dangerours chemicals. Control banding was the approach taken into account and its implementation gave qualtiative and quantitative improvements in the work developed by the technicians.
  •  Aethalometer AE33 model (Magee Scientific) for black carbon particles measurements.

Aetalometro AE33