IUMA presentation

The University Institute of Environment (IUMA) is a centre owned by the University of Coruña, constituted in accordance with the established by the general university legislation and by the Statutes of the University of Coruña. Its creation was carried out by agreement of the Council of Xunta de Galicia of August 25, 1997 (Decree 243/1997 of August 25, DOG of September 12, 1997), in compliance with and after the formalities established in the legal provisions.

Its headquarters is the Pazo de Lóngora in the parish of Liáns of the Town hall of Oleiros (A Coruña). This building was ceded to the University of Coruña by the Town Hall of Oleiros, which is its owner, with the condition of dedicating it to the activity of IUMA for a minimum term of 30 years and with the firm commitment to assume the restoration of the building, respecting the values of the old building.

Pazo de Longora

Currently, thanks to the reforms carried out by the UDC, financed by public funds, specifically the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Pazo de Lóngora is rediscovered with its past becoming a refuge for researchers, technicians and teachers, As its first inhabitants, Marcial del Adalid with his wife Fanny Garrido and his second husband, José Rodríguez Mourelo, Professor of Chemical Sciences.


IUMA board


Director: Dra. Soledad Muniategui Lorenzo

Secretary: Dr. Jorge Moreda Piñeiro


Technician in Analytical Instrumentation: Dra. María Piñeiro Iglesias

Researchers, technicians, students, etc.


E-mail: iuma@udc.es

Phones: +34 981 167000. Ext. 4158

Directo: +34 881014158

Fax: +34 981 648568


Casares Quiroga, 29

Pazo de Lóngora

15179 Liáns, Oleiros, A Coruña, Spain

43º20'10.56" N

8º21'07.45" O

Universidade da Coruña
Rúa da Maestranza, 9
15001 A Coruña
+34 981 167 000