Senior Fitness. Physical Activity in Ageing

Course leader: Dr Veronika Tirpáková

Home institution: Slovak Medical University in Bratislava, Slovakia


Course pre-requisite(s): None

Course Overview

The objective of this course is primarily to present the benefits of regular physical activity for sedentary older adults. The course contains information concerned with the research approaches in the field of ageing and physical activity. The goal of this course is to help students to understand the importance of regular exercise benefits leading to an increasing quality of life in sedentary seniors.

Learning Outcomes

The students will gain experience with:
- specific approach of promoting regular physical activity among the elderly
- evaluating of physical capacity in the growing population of older adults through easy-to-follow test protocols
- creating the specific physical activity programs for elderly

Course Content

1. Physical activity exercise programs for seniors
2. Reliable test batteries for assessing physical fitness in adults over 60
3. Interventions for the prevention of falls in elderly
4. Effects of strength training with proprioceptive stimulation on muscle strength and function in elderly
5. Effects of functional electrical stimulation on muscle strength and function in elderly
6. Senior postural balance testing

Instructional Method

Lectures, workshops, practicals

Required Course Materials

Reading list:

Senior Fitness Test Manual-2nd Edition
By Roberta Rikli, C. Jessie Jones, ISBN-13: 9781450411189

Physiology of Exercise and Healthy Aging
By Albert Taylor, Michel Johnson,ISBN-13: 9780736058384

Fallproof!-2nd Edition A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program
By Debra Rose, ISBN-13: 9780736067478

Essentials of Electromyography
By Gary Kamen, David Gabriel, ISBN-13: 9780736067126


Writing test according the ECTS rules