Project Management

Course leader: Dr Monika Lobaziewicz
Home Institution: Lublin University of Technology, Poland

Course pre-requisite(s): Management (elementary), finance management (elementary), organizational tools, process approach in management

Course Overview
Project Management is targeting the senior undergraduate students of business, science and engineering aiming to introduce them the concepts of a project oriented organisations, make them aware of the different aspects of project management according to the views of the International Professional Bodies of PM (PMBOK 6'th Edition), explore the applications and the importance of project management in the new economy development and provide them with skills and knowledge on relevant tools and methodologies.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course students should be able to use the modern standard of project management according to the PMBOK 6'th Edition; get the knowledge about project management rules and the use of agile approach in PM; learn to solve problems in different areas of project management; find out what kind of tools use in PM.

Course Content
Project Management processes & knowledge areas. PMBOK and Project Management Knowledge Areas. Stakeholder analysis & evaluation. Initiating the project. Project Charter. Project Business Case - Identifying Goals, Aims, Objectives, Deliverables Project selection. Analysis of project environment Planning process Project Time management. Activity Resource and activity duration Scheduling Techniques. Project Scheduling Project execution Project monitor and control Project Closing. Lesson learned Agile approach in PM

Instructional Method

lectures, workshops, group projects

Required Course Materials
Readings: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK Guide 6'th Edition, 2017; What is new in the PMBOK Guide 6'th vs. 5'th Ed.; PMP Exam Prep - Rita Mulcahy with Laurie Diethelm, RMC Publicatios, Inc. 2011.

Activity in discussions; Results of mini cases and short tests; Project in a sub-group.