Cursos 2017

31st July to 18th August 2017 - A Coruña

This is a provisional list of preselected courses in alphabetic order. It is students with their registrations who ultimately select the list of confirmed courses. Courses may be cancelled or merged. You are advised to apply for as many courses as possible. 

Animal Productions in the 21st Century: the Challenge of Animal Welfare, Traceability and Sustainable Farmings

Course leader: Michele Pazzola

Biolaw: Sources, Principles and Doctrine

Course leader: Dr Erick Valdes

Emotional Intelligence under Stress: Useful Unnecessary or Irrelevant?

Course leader: Dr Salvatore Fadda

Energy Law

Course leader: Dr Alessia Vacca

Environmental Impact Assessment and Analysis for Smart Transportation Infrastructures

Course leader: Dr Filippo Praticò

European Labour Law

Course leader: Dr Ombretta Dessì

Financial Risk Analysis

Course leader: Dr Firano Zakaria

Gender & Mobility: Perspective on Contemporary Economic Migration and Family Issues

Course leader: Dr Magdalena Zadkowska

Implementation of Human Rights: Strong Normative Aspirations, Weak Enforcement

Course leader: Dr Adrienne Komanovics

Innovation, Markets and Entrepreneurship

Course leaders: Dr Sonia Villarreal de la Garza, Dr Alexandru Roja

Inspection and Control of Mediterranean Fishery Products and Live Bivalve Molluscs

Course leader: Dr Domenico Meloni

International Criminal Law

Course leader: Prof. Dr. Ketevan Khutsishvili

Management Information System

Course leader: Dr Magda Tsintsadze

Management of the Intelligent Enterprise

Course leader: Dr Monika Lobaziewicz

Materials Science

Course leader: Dr Israel Temprano

Modeling of Photovoltaic System in Matlab Environment

Course leader: Dr Slawomir Gulkowsk

Occupational Stress

Course leader: Dr Krystyna Wojciechowska

Project Management

Course leader: Dr Cerasela Panseluta Olariu 

Public Law: Evolving Relationships Untangled

Course leaders: Dr Steven Van Garsse

Real Estate Valuation and Investment

Course leader: Dr Maurizio d´Amato

The Economics of Climate Change

Course leader: Dr Sara A. Wong Chang

The Power of Persuation

Course leader: Dr Halina Wisnieska

Why to Exercise in Elderly

Course leader: Dr Veronika Tirpakova

Wireless - Mobile Communications Fundamentals

Course leader: Dr Costas Chaikalis