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Dual degree in English (University of A Coruna & University of South Wales) 


UDC students enrolled in the Degree in English have the opportunity to apply for a dual degree with the University of South Wales (U.K.).

After completing their 1st and 2nd years at UDC, they study their 3rd year at USW and thus earn a B.A. in English at this British university. 

Then they complete their 4th year at UDC. Thus, in four years, these students may obtain two official European Degrees in English: one at UDC and another one at USW. 

Students who have already done some or all of their 3rd-year credits may also have this alternative (see Specific Regulations).

Specific regulations

Application form. Deadline to apply for the 2017/2018 academic year: January 15th, 2017

Informative session: Tuesday, Dec. 20th, 13h00, classroom 1.1

Provisional resolution. 17.01.2017

Final resolution. 23.01.2017



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