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This is a functional support unit for studies and teaching, in which all the documentary resources of the University are organised, processed maintained, and placed at the disposition of the users.

It consists of:

  • The General Library: Ed. Xoana Capdevielle-Campus de Elviña. A Coruña.
  • The"Casa do Patín" Library: Esteiro Campus. Ferrol.
  • The libraries of the various centres.

Biblioteca Xeral
Edificio Xoana Capdevielle
Campus de Elviña
15071 - A Coruña

Telephone: 981 167000 - Extensión interna: 5660
Fax: 981 16 70 15 - Extensión interna: 5659

Universidade da Coruña
Rúa da Maestranza, 9
15001 A Coruña
+34 981 167 000